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Hierarchy (as of now)

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Hierarchy (as of now)

Post  Joodie on Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:57 pm

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Forum Owner - Special Rank
Administrator - Special Rank
Leecher-Noob - 0 posts
Contributer - 10 posts
Star Contributor - 20 posts
Senior Member - 40 posts
Spammer God - 100 posts


Subjected to any changes by Joodie, such as adding, modifying, etc...


Stay tuned for the rank-getting competitions with real-life prizes~
EDIT by Richard

Also, later on, we will be changing the minimum # of posts , so that there's a visible difference in the ranks, and so that not everybody will be a Spammer God.

We will also change the rank icons and add new ranks every once in a while. This is just to start off.


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